Deodorizing Carpets With Commercial Carpet Cleaners

It is important to keep carpets clean and maintain their aesthetic appeal. Unclean carpets will emit odors as well as germs. If the carpet is not cleaned regularly, mold, pet hair, dog urine, food stain, and mud can be found on it.

It doesn’t matter how clean your carpet looks. Without proper Steam Star Carpet Cleaning will breed allergens. It can spread bacteria and emit a bad smell that will ruin the look of your home or office.

In order to effectively remove dirt, grease, and other contaminants embedded deep within the carpet’s fibers and fabrics you must vacuum it thoroughly. That can be achieved only by professional rug cleaners. Commercial rug cleaners have been designed to completely clean the rug and remove any surface dirt or debris.

It is important to have a carpet cleaner in commercial buildings where the carpet is exposed to high levels of foot traffic. Because of their advanced features and improved cleaning powers, commercial rug cleaners can also be used domestically, by homeowners who lease or purchase one for carpet maintenance.

High Pressure

Pump pressure is typically higher in commercial machines than at home. High-powered commercial carpet washers may have pressure levels that reach up to 170psi. Pressures up to 500psi can be achieved by an industrial carpet cleaning machine.

High Heat

Commercial carpet steam cleaners reach temperature levels of up to 200oF. While rug cleaning machines without heaters are cheaper, they cannot heat any water. Although they can be used in lighter applications, carpet cleaning machines that are not heated do use hotwater.

When choosing a rug washer, you should not only consider temperature but also the length of time the machine takes to heat up. It is best to limit the time it takes for your carpet washer to heat up.

Be sure to check the heat tolerance of your carpet before you apply hot water. Only use lukewarm, cold, or even ice water when you don’t know, or your carpet is glued to the wall, expensive, or has not been too badly soiled.

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