What Are The Risks Of Taking Drugs While Pregnant?

When narcotics drugs are consumed by women, there can be serious risks. Drugs that cause addiction in these women are very few. In order to avoid this, women should think carefully before using drugs. Their addiction might already have been established by the time they decide to ask for help. In women, drug use can lead to a number of negative effects including mental and physical health conditions. If you’re looking for drug rehab for women only, visit us [www.renewwellnessrecovery.org/why-renew/] for more information.

It has been found that women have a history of troubled lives, and many have used drugs. Most women who take drugs were sexually molested at some time in their lives. This usually happened before the age 16 years. Another tendency for women to abuse drugs or alcohol is when one parent has abused the substance.

An interesting pattern can be seen from the point of view of the psyche: those with a low sense self-worth or very little confidence tend to have a higher rate than the average person to take drugs. The feeling that you don’t have the ability to control your actions increases when the drug or alcohol use begins. It can make rehab more difficult for the patient. In the mind of patients, a sense loneliness and solitude is created. It can be difficult for women who are from minority groups and don’t know proper English to access good medical assistance.

These problems are magnified in pregnant women. In addition to putting their life at serious risk, they also put the lives of unborn babies. Any drug or alcohol abuse can lead to serious health complications during pregnancy. As we all know, the relationship between mother and baby is very strong. Therefore, if the mom abuses drugs then it’s likely the child will too. In this way, we can see that there are many risks for the unborn child. They may become infected by HIV if their mother is infected, or AIDS. Or they may have a low birthweight, or be prematurely born. Continuing to use drugs after the birth of the child can result in neglect, malnutrition and very often physical abuse.