The 5 reasons why Artificial Intelligence is going to Change the World

Artificial intelligence is when machines can act in a way that mimics human behavior. They are able to make smart decisions and perform tasks using the information they have. Come and visit our website search it on you can learn more.

In recent years you may have read many articles about AI, especially the claims that it would save humanity and/or bring an end to civilization. AI certainly attracts lots of attention and colorful predictions. AI hype is justified, but not as much in other tech trends. The technology is truly transformative and will change the way we live in many ways.

Not quite convinced? Here are 5 reasons that I am convinced Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the world before 2020.

1. There is AI everywhere

Have you ever asked Alexa about the weather in the morning, passed by a place that used facial recognition, purchased a product on Amazon’s recommendation, browsed possible love matches using a dating app, paid something with your card or a credit card or even bought a recommended item? You’ve done it. You have probably done all or some of them in the last few weeks. In the last few days.

You guessed right, AI and data are the foundation of all these daily processes. AI allows credit card companies to verify – within a few seconds – whether your recent transaction matches your normal spending habits and is not fraud. Mastercard for example uses AI algorithms in order to analyze the 75 billion transaction per year that it processes on its system. AI, in other words, is already embedded into your life.

2. AI won’t only transform everyday life; it will also change entire industries

AI’s impact is being felt across a variety of industries. From banking to retail, farming and manufacturing. AI can be used in the healthcare industry to help identify and, sometimes, predict disease. This helps healthcare providers, as well as their patients, make better lifestyle and treatment choices.

AI can outperform experts in diagnosing diseases. Clinical trials conducted by Google Health in January 2020 confirmed that AI was superior to radiologists in detecting signs of cancerous breast tissue in mammograms. The AI system flagged less “false-positive” results than radiologists.

3. The AI revolution will enhance our humanity, not reduce it

Automation is increasing in most industries as machines get smarter and perform more jobs. Automation is a growing trend, and this has raised valid questions about its impact on the human workforce. Although there is no question that automation will cause many jobs to be lost, I also believe that it will bring about new employment opportunities that reward our unique human skills like empathy and creative thinking.

AI will improve the quality of our lives at work. The journalism industry is undergoing a revolution powered by AI. Many AI tools are available that can help identify stories and assist journalists in writing them. Forbes, for instance, uses an AI content management system named Bertie to determine real-time topics of interest, make headline suggestions, and find relevant images. The AI-driven content management system, Bertie, is used by Forbes to identify real-time trending topics and suggest headline improvements.

4. AI becomes more affordable to all

It was once thought that in order to implement AI, you would need to have expensive software and a large team of internal data scientists. No longer is this the case. AI can now be bought as a service, just like other technologies.

Amazon’s “Personalize” AI-based service, which helps businesses deliver tailored recommendations to customers and customized search results is an example. Amazon has claimed that AI knowledge is not required for the training and deployment of this technology.

5. AI drives other technological trends

As if you needed more proof that AI will change the world let us end this article with a simple fact. AI is the basis on which other tech trends are built.