In-Depth Facebook Data Privateness & Social Media Data Mining

What Businesses and Customers Should Know About Protecting Their Business (and Gaining)

Facebook’s capability to view your personal data has been a hot topic since Cambridge Analytica was convicted of using the data for coordinated political advertisements.┬áIf you are looking for a technology that allows many different businesses and companies to accurately track, and maximize their Business Marketing, Asset Management, Fleet Management, People Management, Tracking, Security, and Market Research, you should know more about propellant media

Facebook sent a draft version of their updated information policy to the result of an investigation that took place on April 4.

Some items that were covered in the release may have been new to users. Did you also know that users can access their personal profile by clicking the LIKE link on a page for businesses on Facebook?

Depending upon the privacy settings of the user, the company may be able to see all or some of their data. This has been a problem for casual social media users because they have rarely looked at the fine print of the privacy agreement or their personal privacy settings.

It’s easy to look at the info that they can see but many people forget what was on their Fb page over the years.

You can download your own details quite easily. Here are the steps.

Log in with Facebook. Go to the top right corner of your screen and click the dropdown arrow.

Change the settings

Click here to access your Fb information

Go to “Download Your Information” and click View.

Select your options, then click Save.

The email will contain a link that allows the download of all your profile data. You can view every conversation and image.

Facebook currently holds 98 information points that allow companies to target their ads at you.

Targeting Facebook Ads

Facebook uses this information for targeted advertising to ensure that they show users ads that are relevant and of interest to them. This is based on the profile information. This info is used all the time to create ads that reach the right audience for our clients.

Here are some examples of the targeting options Fb advertisers offer using your data:

Geographic location



Main Language spoken

Last level of education completed

Your high school or college


Net worth and income

Types of ownership

Value of your home

Dimensions of the property

Area of the home

Year that the home was built

Household size

And many more…

This Knowledge is a great resource for advertisers

Let’s examine the different types of facts companies could derive from your Facebook Profile. There’s so much to learn, so let’s just look at the basic facts.

Information about your personal interests. They can also see the members of all your groups. This can tell a lot of things about you. Facebook made several API updates in April. They restricted access to Groups and excluded the Events API’s guest list.

You can add your email address, phone number, full name to your personal profile.

Permanent records of who was deleted from your Fb group. It won’t become public information if you delete an Fb post. However, that doesn’t mean it will disappear. Fb can retain this information, even though the information isn’t outwardly visible elsewhere on their platform.

Facebook records when you first signed up and whenever you log in to your account.

All information about you can be accessed by Facebook advertisers. This allows them target ads based primarily on your interests and preferences.

Information is gathered about the ads you click, your device, and the type or internet connection you use. They can identify every page or post you like or share.

Milestones. Fb tracks important milestones such birthdays and anniversaries.

Information regarding employment. If you enter this information into Facebook, it will be