Garden Furniture: Choose wisely and it will last.

Patio and garden furniture are now in high demand as they become a more useful space for the house. Research is a must before buying any type of garden furniture. It will help you to find the right garden furniture for you that will also last. You should consider these important points before purchasing. Visit before reading this.

You will need to decide if your garden furniture is permanent or temporary. You should choose furniture with high durability, such as hardwoods, aluminum and wrought iron. You will find that the more expensive materials are more affordable in the future.

Choosing the best type of materials and constructions is essential. What kind of garden furniture will best complement your patio or your garden? Material that balances with the rest of your garden is best.

All-round, wood is the most popular choice as it’s light weighted, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Wood does require some maintenance. The best tropical hardwoods are those that have a higher natural oil content. These include teak, courbaril or iroko. The woods in this category are very weather-resistant and they can be kept outside for the entire year.

If you are using bolts to join your teak garden furnishings, make sure they do not corrode. Make sure any metal components used are either brass, stainless-steel or aluminum. These materials are not corrosive.

Be sure to use only teak that is of the highest quality for the garden furniture. That way, any cracks, knots or other imperfections are eliminated prior to the building. The teak should also be kiln dried in order to maximise moisture and maintain the furniture’s shape.

As the epoxy resin will not be affected either by frost or rain, the joints of the teak garden furnishings that are assembled with epoxy glues have the highest durability and performance.

Teak outdoor furniture can be cleaned with a warm, soapy solution and scrubbing brushes. This will restore its beautiful grey-silver weathered finish. When required, a pressure washer at 60 to 80 bar (900-1200psi) can be applied at 30 cm.

A simple scrub every year will bring out the best in your teak garden furnishings. If you add a few drops of bleach to the water, it will prevent algae from growing.

As soon as you notice any spots or stains on your vehicle, immediately wash it down with some mild soap and rinse off using clean water. It’s not important to wash the area as it will be cleaned by nature over time.

The end grain of timbers can crack in dry weather. No action is required as this is a natural occurrence.

There is no need to use varnish or teak oil as they will not increase the longevity of your garden furnishings and are only cosmetic. To preserve your furniture’s as-new appearance, apply teak oils when they are new. This will result in a shinier finish. Be sure to follow all instructions from the manufacturer, since this usually involves a 3 stage process. You must ensure that the wood has completely dried before you use the teak oils.